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Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for the Spring 2012 Semester

Objective 1: Create API Web Service (Frontend & Backend)

  • Key Result 1: Create unique API key for user in a secure manner using an encoding algorithm
  • Key Result 2: Store API key & user information using either AWS' SDB or DynamoDB
  • Key Result 3: Provide functionality for user to retrieve and manage their API key
  • Key Result 4: Provide administrative dashboard for API

Objective 2: Create COMTOR API backend

  • Key Result 1: Create API for useful calls to COMTOR based on future plug-in support and using good practices & standards
  • Key Result 2: Investigate SQS as a way to push API calls to be worked on by COMTOR backend service
  • Key Result 3: Provide documentation and code examples for COMTOR API


3/26/12 - Logged in to check if I could edit the wiki... seems to be working now.

2/22/12 - Read:

2/20/12 - Read

2/19/12 - Implemented SQS

2/13/12 - Began working on COMTOR jar abstraction layer to call AWS SQS

2/12/12 - Revamped Keygen to work with DynamoDb. Implemented query against DynamoDB to check if key was already stored or not. Began implementing calls to AWS as methods to enforce good Object-oriented practices. and cleaned up code.

1/30/12 - Investigated JSON: generating JSON using JS from HTML form then sending to PHP to database/output, then send back as response to call Google Maps. Did this to work with JSON in every way possible. Now looking into CouchDB & PHP as a lightweight way to handle API information. Successfully installed CouchDB locally and interacted with using PHP. Now trying to implement with earlier google maps using JSON work.

1/23/12 - Successfully have form that takes e-mail, converts to MD5 hash, stores MD5, email, time/date, and IP in AWS SDB and sends API key to user email using SES. Now working on accessing SDB for admin panel, parsing XML, and sending data using AJAX / jQuery

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